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Entryway & Foyer Lighting

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Things to Consider When Buying Entryway & Foyer Lighting

An entryway or foyer light fixture can accomplish a lot in a relatively small space. A decorative lighting scheme in the foyer immediately grabs guests attention and creates a welcoming atmosphere, as well as putting the interior design style on display.

Entryway and foyer lighting like pendants and grand chandeliers typically have vertically oriented proportions to complement those of a tall, but narrow space. If there are entryway tables readily available, a well-designed console lamp will provide a splash of character for the foyer. Chandeliers immediately convey a sense of style and offer a wealth of functional light output. Also consider the available options of large pendant lighting, stairwell pendant lighting and multi-light pendants in the foyer.

How to Choose the Best Entryway & Foyer Lighting

From suspensions to sconces, entryway lighting can accommodate a range of sizes and shapes to best fit any need. Review dimensions including height, width, weight and cable suspension length. Properly measure the entry and installation space to try to avoid any complications.

Most chandeliers and pendant lighting can be applied to other rooms and areas of the home too. The same light fixtures used in foyers - and the dramatic focal points they provide - are suitable for any area with similar proportions like stairway lighting or a dining room with high ceilings. Also want to check out the assortment of entryway furnishings to successfully complement the lighting choices. An assortment of furnishings includes tables, benches, rugs, mirrors, coat racks and umbrella stands that provide an elegant touch to the space. Finally, set the mood with entryway lighting with a dimmer switch.

Frequently Asked Questions about Entryways & Foyers

What size light fixture is ideal for an entryway?

As a general rule, the chandelier or pendant should be at least 7 feet above the floor. For each foot of ceiling height, the fixture should have 2-3 inches of height. For determining the width of the fixture in inches, add the height and width of the foyer in feet.

What are the key considerations when choosing entryway lighting?

Consider the size of the foyer, including the width and height to determine the appropriate size of the fixture. Also consider how much light the surrounding space requires (is the foyer or entryway open or closed to the next room?) and settle on a fixture with an appropriate amount of lumens.

What types of lighting fixtures work best for entryways?

The most popular options for entryways are chandeliers and pendants.

How do I choose lighting for a foyer?

Measure the dimensions of the foyer and consider the lighting needs of the space to determine the type of light that would work best. A chandelier or a pendant will be the most popular option.

How do I choose a chandelier for a foyer?

The rule of thumb is that the chandelier should have 2-3 inches of height for every foot of ceiling height. For lighting needs, the appropriate wattage for the foyer can be calculated by multiplying the foyer’s square feet by 1.5.

What are the recommended types of lighting fixtures for a foyer?

The best lighting fixtures will depend on the specific needs and size of the foyer, although chandeliers and pendants are the most popular choices.

How do I determine the right size of a foyer lighting fixture?

The size of a foyer lighting fixture depends on the size of the foyer. For every foot of ceiling height, the fixture can have 2-3 inches of height. For the width, add the height and width of the foyer to find the width of the fixture in inches.

What are some popular styles and on-trend foyer lighting designs?

The most popular foyer and entryway lighting designs are modern, contemporary, transitional, mid-century modern and Italian.