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Conference Tables

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Choosing the Right Conference Table

Conference tables are sometimes an afterthought, but if you consider that many people spend a great deal of time in the boardroom, it's easy to see why choosing the right table is important. Standard conference tables are basic models that can be made from a large assortment of materials from solid wood to laminate and everything in between and can also be customized with a variety of finishes, casters, and customization options.

Eco-friendly Conference Room Tables

A great majority of conference room tables are also eco-friendly, which is a term used to describe the processes used to manufacture conference tables or the materials the tables are comprised of. Eco-friendly processes include sourcing materials that are close to the location where the table will be sold and used. By manufacturing products close to where they will be used, transportation distance and cost are reduced, which is better for the environment. A conference table's packaging is also part of eco-friendliness since these materials are usually made from recycled products, further minimizing the carbon footprint.

Traditionally, large conference room tables took up a great deal of space but didn't come with specific features that improved functionality. Today's conference tables are ergonomically designed with integrated high-tech features to make work more productive and engaging.

Your Team Determines Your Conference Table

Your team is unique and so are the things you want to accomplish so a conference table that can be customized to suit your needs is essential. Contemporary conference tables are available in an array of configurations that can be customized to the requirements of your team. For teams who work on a lot of visual projects, a conference table with integrated whiteboards may be a good option. For those who utilize technology in the boardroom, a table with built-in peripheral support might be ideal.

Conference Table Options and Features

Whether you're looking for simple conference room tables or statement-making tables to add flair to conference rooms and offices, Lumens has a huge selection to choose from. From glass conference tables to wood conference tables, there's sure to be a conference table that's right for you. Lumens carries a variety of office decor items, including office desks, standing desks, as well as modular desks