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Tips on Living Room Furniture

Your living room is the central gathering place in the home. It is the space where you can entertain guests or relax with your family, where you watch TV or socialize over coffee. To meet all these needs, the furniture you choose for your living room must perform the double duty of impressing during entertaining occasions while also being comfortable for those casual nights at home. This selection of modern living room furniture meets this challenge easily with style that's at once clean, contemporary and laid back. Use the living room sofas, chairs, tables and storage furniture found here to create a highly desirable living area for your home.

Where Living Room Furniture Works Best

It's best to approach the placement of your living room furniture in layers. The foundation furniture pieces are the larger ones including sofas, sleeper sofas or a sectional sofa. Due to their size, these seating options will be the foundation of the space and will help dictate how the rest of the room is decorated. Once these furniture pieces are in place, complete a conversation area with supplemental arm and side chairs, as well as complementing side tables. Side tables or any kind of accent table is a welcomed choice for living rooms for their ability to highlight a certain area of the room while also serving a completely functional purpose. What is a living room without a well-designed coffee table anyway? Sit back and relax in a modern lounge chair or turn to a rocking chair if you prefer your seating on a swivel. And in order to keep your living room's layout looking sleek, neat and tidy at all times, shelves and media storage are a necessity. With the right mix of functional and fashionable furniture, you'll bring your living room's look and feel full circle.

Modern Living Room Furniture Sets for Every Style

This celebrated assortment of modern furniture is able to find its home among many interior design styles. Whether your living room walls are flanked by traditional sconces or you have modern pendant lighting hanging overhead, you'll find these furniture pieces have no problem establishing themselves in the room. Gus Modern is a go-to choice for a complete collection to furnish living rooms. The Gus assortment includes a wide variety of , from sofas, including sleepers and sectionals, lounge chairs offering unmatched comfort and complementary accent tables to tie the area together. Comfort and contemporary living room design are key tenets of Blu Dot's living room seating and furniture. Look to Herman Miller for classic options. Finally, consider introducing fine Italian design into your living room with an accent table from Calligaris.

Choosing the Best Living Room Furniture

Before you decide to redecorate your living room or furnish it with new furniture, you'll need to picture where each new furniture piece will fit in your design and choose the most appropriate sizes. Larger living rooms and great rooms are best fitted with sectional sofas, while more compact living areas will benefit from a smaller sofa or a couple of lounge chairs. Likewise, you'll want to carefully decide where your coffee and end tables will be placed to choose the best shapes and sizes. With sizes of furniture in mind, you can then refine your options by finishes, colors and materials - wood, metal, plastic, etc. - to select the furniture styles that will fit in with your home's existing decor. You can often find example color swatches too, helping you to make the best decision for your home's living room. If you have any questions about the living room furniture sets featured here, please call our decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

You'll also want to accessorize your contemporary furniture pieces for a truly cohesive design statement. In front of sofas and underneath coffee tables, rugs provide a soft and colorful foundation you'll be sure to appreciate. Floral patterns, geometric shapes and colorful options will ensure your floors are covered in comfort and style. Look to decorative accessories like vases, bowls, decorative figurines, candles and more to truly personalize the space to your taste. And lastly, consider revamping your living room lighting to match the modern character of your new furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions about Living Room Furniture

What furniture should you have in the living room?

A living room is a versatile space that can contain a range of furniture options. Sectional, armchairs, recliners and loveseats are all viable choices depending on the size and needs of the room.

What sofas make living rooms look bigger?

Sofas with neutral tones such as beige, cream or light gray will reflect the light, making the room seem bigger. Sofas with slim bases and high legs allow the light to travel underneath, making the room look bigger.

What are the latest trends in living room furniture design?

Modern and contemporary styles are the most popular furniture designs. Mid-Century Modern and transitional styles are also popular options.

How can I arrange my living room furniture to optimize space and functionality?

Living room furniture should be arranged to maximize comfort and usability. One way to do this is to create clear walking spaces throughout the room. Consider coffee tables and end tables with shelving and drawers to create additional storage and display opportunities.

How can I incorporate storage solutions into my living room furniture?

Some living room furniture can contain storage options. These may include shelving on end and coffee tables, drawers or hidden, enclosed spaces.

Are there any eco-friendly or sustainable options for living room furniture?

Living room furniture has several eco-friendly and sustainable options. For example, look for recycled and recyclable materials or furniture pieces from companies that are carbon neutral or negative.

How do I choose the right lighting fixtures to complement my living room furniture?

The right lighting for the living room will depend on the size and needs of the space. In general, a chandelier or a set of pendants work well in living rooms, as well as end tables topped with table lamps. Make sure the lighting fixtures match the style of the furniture to create cohesion and flow throughout the space.