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Floor Fans

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Why We Love Floor Fans

Conveniently portable from room to room and home to home, the floor fan holds to its air-circulating roots while adapting to an uprooted lifestyle—unlike its more stationary cousins, the ceiling fan or the wall fan. And gone are the days of the white plastic floor fan—now there are fun designs to choose from, including handsome restoration style fans, industrial floor fans, outdoor floor fans for the patio and even ones that look like they just stepped out of a tropical paradise.

Where Floor Fans & Pedestal Fans Work Best

Thanks to their portability, these pedestal floor fans are versatile and can be moved to any room of the house. You can take a floor fan just about anywhere, from the living room to the bedroom, or from the kitchen to the garage. Similar to the portability of a floor lamp or table lamp, these fans can move from space to space with little effort and simply need an electrical outlet to be powered. Some floor fans can even go outside on the patio, keeping things cool when you are relaxing in your favorite patio chair. Just be sure the fan is safely rated for outdoor use where water may be present. That's the beauty of the floor fan - unlike a ceiling fan - their portability and new style range means they're not married to one location so they can accommodate any cooling or air circulation need no matter the room.

A Decorative Floor Fan for Every Style

The decorative nature of these floor fans allows them to work well with almost any interior design style. While they primarily appeal to an industrial and restoration look, you'll find these floor fans complement modern light fixtures and home furnishings as well. Fanimation offers a number of well-designed options that have tropical features, restoration appeal and more. Like Fanimation's assortment of ceiling fans, these floor fans also carry the quality and style we love. Savoy House offers a multi-speed floor fan you'll want to see and if it's a popping, colorful design you need, look to the selection from Stadler Form. Lastly, find contemporary designs in the selection from Minka Aire. In any space, you'll appreciate the character any of these floor fans can offer.

How to Choose the Best Floor Fan

Unlike a ceiling fan, choosing a floor fan is relatively easy because of the fixture's portability. However, you will still want to keep its size in mind and properly understand how much air the fan will be able to move. For larger rooms that have more stuffy air to move, you'll need a bigger option and conversely, in smaller spaces like breakfast nooks or home offices, a more petite floor fan will get the job done. You'll also want to check out the fan's airflow efficiency metrics to understand how a fan is rated on its air movement. And if it is a patio floor fan you need, you'll need to confirm it is UL listed for wet and damp locations, ensuring it is safe for outdoor use. If you have any questions about the floor fans featured here, please call our fan experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

If you are loving the convenience of a portable floor fan, check out the selection of table fans for a similar amount of versatility, only for desks and tabletops. The ability to have a mobile fan on the go anytime you need is sure to help keep you cool at all times. Consider browsing the assortment of industrial ceiling fans for ceiling-mounted options that carry a similar restoration aesthetic. And if it is a portable light fixture you need, be sure to the collection of table lamps and floor lamps for options that are ready to move anytime you need.